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It has a relaxing and destressing effect, removes muscle tension in the areas most prone to stress, supports proper functioning of internal organs, restores flexibility and unrestricted movement of the entire body and regenerates the body after physical and mental effort. Widok 8, , Warszawa, of your personal data collected on the Internet, such as IP addresses and cookie identifiers, for analytical and marketing purposes including automated ad targeting, measuring their effectiveness, and processing user data for analytical purposes. An effective and, at the same time, completely safe method of exfoliating the epidermis, even in the case of very delicate skin, also with capillaries. Treat self-care like an appointment with your doctor or dentist. In the first stage of the treatment, a special formula of natural enzyme powder is used, exfoliating the outer layer of the epidermis. The treatment stimulates energy, but also provides deep relaxation owing to the cocoa mask and aromatic hot candle massage. Manage privacy settings. It is an alternative to classic needle mesotherapy. Dermal drainage vacuum massage smoothes the skin as well as shapes and firms the body. Enjoy a long bath. It is the combination of techniques used in Thai massage — based on compression and stretching. Can grandparents babysit the children once a week?

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The specially selected and applied products make the skin deeply moisturized, smoothed, with the irritated areas soothed after the treatment. Caring for the Planet. The complexes actively influence multi-level regeneration and biomimetic skin lifting. United States. The massage is particularly recommended in the case of lower body immunity, muscle and rheumatic pains. It is also said to have decreased the heaviness of the bleeding when the massage was performed a week before the start of the period.

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It stimulates peristalsis, decreases colonic transit time, and increases the frequency of the bowel movements. Stewardship Model. Whether you've always wanted to learn something new, or want to finish a project that was started long ago, escape into an activity you enjoy. Recyclable Tube. Sensual professional body care based on concentrated oil extracts from 7 specially selected flower species. It is a pleasant form of improving health, well-being, condition and tone of the skin. It is recommended regardless of age to restore skin smoothness through its optimal hydration. The treatment is intended for people struggling with mascne, hypersensitivity and skin irritation caused by, e. Just remember to return the favor. Detoxifying and normalizing facial treatment with a mineral mask. It has been dedicated to mature skin with visible wrinkles and the lost perfect face contour. An innovative facial skin exfoliation treatment with a multi-directional rejuvenating effect.

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  • It also affects our well-being — nothing relaxes and alleviates stress more than a massage.
  • Puffiness is eliminated and the skin is glowing.
  • The skin is firmed, smoothed, properly toned and highly moisturized.
  • The effect is the reconstruction of new collagen, improvement of skin quality and firming of sagging face and body.
  • However, wrinkles — even though they appear later than in women, are deeper and more visible.
  • Burn the nice candle.

An innovative, intense skin-smoothing treatment, inspired by the achievements of modern cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. It has been dedicated to mature skin with visible wrinkles and the lost perfect face contour. The treatment has a strong skin-smoothing and oval-shaping effect. PCL filler is widely used in aesthetic medicine to restore lost volumetry of the face oval. It stimulates natural synthesis of the skin support fibres, thus reducing static wrinkles. It acts as a tissue biostimulator, triggering multi-level renewal processes restoring skin youthfulness. The combination of two therapeutic active phases based on vitamin C intensive action: microexfoliation and illuminating regeneration, results in the final effect visible on the skin immediately after applying the treatment. An innovative treatment combining world-wide breakthrough scientific discoveries with the greatest achievements of the Dr Irena Eris Center for Science and Research, through multidirectional anti-aging action, ensures comprehensive skin renewal. It affects deep reconstruction of skin structures, improves their functioning and protects against the destructive effect of photoaging. The unique care formula of Dr Irena Eris Prosystem Professional preparations is based on patent-protected technological solutions for dermal transport, developed by the Dr Irena Eris Center for Science and Research, and provides spectacular skin rejuvenation effects. The applied selective matrix peptide SH and the innovative NgnOxy Activator effectively reduce visibility of signs of skin aging, restoring its young and fresh appearance. Just one treatment visually smooths, firms and tightens the skin, giving the effect of natural lifting. It stimulates collagen synthesis and the production of epidermal lipids, providing the skin with extreme smoothness after just one treatment. It is a specialized multifunctional treatment for mature skin experiencing the problem of dilated capillaries, based on a complex with a unique sequence of HPS1 flavonoids and active ingredients functioning as multidimensional wrinkle fillers. In addition, the combination of active ingredients with a filling and lifting effect stimulates the natural reconstruction and regeneration processes of deep skin structures, resulting in the so-called wrinkle lipofilling. A treatment for dry skin requiring deep hydration. It is recommended regardless of age to restore skin smoothing through its optimal hydration.

Learn what we mean by natural. Explore our ingredients. Live Chat. Where to buy. Visit us around the world. View All Products. Oral Care. The Backstory.

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Pampering our stomachs. PULSE; For the Pampered Tummy

Ancient practices have shown that abdominal massage promotes the health and overall well-being of an individual. A troubled intestine too, like the anxious mind, pampering our stomachs, can send signals to the brain. It is therefore essential to administer massage techniques focused on the abdomen that can promote a therapeutic benefit to a person by:. Massaging the abdomen relaxes and strengthens the weak stomach muscles. It may also release deep muscle spasms, produce internal heat and break down scar tissue. Chusteczki nawilżane babydream 99 blood circulation from the massage can always improve the digestive tract or the gastrointestinal system and relieves cramps from indigestion. The practice of massaging increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the abdominal region, which helps to improve the bowel system. It stimulates peristalsis, decreases colonic pampering our stomachs time, and increases the frequency of the bowel movements, pampering our stomachs. An unhealthy diet or other stomach problems often leads to bloating, making a person feel uncomfortable. A massage can help regulate body metabolism, and ease such pain. Studies have shown that a gentle abdominal massage has been very effective in relieving menstrual pain and cramping.



It cleanses the skin perfectly and prepares it for the treatment. It allows achieving the effect of lifting and wrinkles filling.

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Skin Tightening Stomach - HIFU Ultraformer III Treatment

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