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No, I am LynneSuzuran , Jul 19, She has been married for so long, and she has almost never moved. This is my deputy card. Was she not in a long house yesterday? WinnieS , May 20, Chapter 21 — Blacken Tsundere Second Personality. Chapter 42 — Unable To Accept Oneself. He remembers her sweet face in particular. Now he is a doctoral tutor at Jiangbei University. I am very happy! She knows that her love is humble, but she can't control Ji Nanfeng. How is she? Chapter 11 — Work. Mo Li has not slept for such a long time.


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The girl is very cold, especially the hands and feet, like an ice cube, he can't help but pass all his heat to her. But, going OOC would trigger his timid wife. He has always been so important in her heart. I think it should be Fortunately, the fruit on the table fell. Displaying 1 - 3 of 3 reviews. Chapter 9 — Hidden Identity — Miao Bai. Mo Lixin just finished the last porridge, heard the words, some embarrassed, do not know how to answer, she was waiting for Ji Nanfeng to go to find a long, after all, the long-term mood is not very good, but Aquaa , Jan 26, He dared not speak or dare to do extra moves.

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Grandpa told me something. It was severely limited by it's short length. Chapter 2 — Feigning Amnesia. It was the girl he should hurt into the bones! It would be fine if it was always the case. If I didn't see her, it would be better. It seems like there are other transmigrated characters as well but excuse my MTL skills. Ever Ever After. How is she? I will give it to the aunt to do it. Chapter 26 — Hubby Paid The Bill. He vowed, forever and always. Most are custom.

Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife 重生护娇妻 by 沫曰 | Goodreads

  • Anyways, on the other hand FL was also in the fire but was found quite early and saved before than ML was, but she still stayed in hospital for two weeks before finally discharging.
  • Chapter 11 — Work.
  • He vowed, forever and always.
  • It would be fine if it was always the case.
  • It really doesn't make people worry.
  • Even if she had not been married before, there was not so much in the middle, and he was not so good to her!

Translation Status: Completed. The second time, she suffered from anxiety and depression, causing her to be diagnosed with coronary heart disease. But he was completely unaware of it. The third time, it was because of a liver transplant operation for him. Unfortunately, after she lay on the operation table, she never got up again. The doctor informed him that it was one corpse with two lives. I just hope that when you laugh, you can think of me. After his rebirth, Ji Nan Feng cut his way through thistles and thorns in order to repay everything thing she had done for him in their past lives. Be kind and respectful. Comments with curses will be put under moderation. You must be logged in to post a comment. Please forgive me and disregard the previous message. The final chapter is here. Skip to content Login. Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife. Start Reading. Can love find a second chance? In their past lives, Mo Li Xin went through three operations. The first time, it was to give birth to his son. But he thought that the child was not his.

Her mouth was soft, like jelly, and it was addictive. Ji Nanfeng slowly placed the bowl on the table next to it, and hugged the heart of Mo Li to deepen the kiss. Do you drink it? Ji Nanfeng has a heartfelt heart. He has always been so important in her heart. In contrast, the self of the last life is really blind to the pig. When I drank, I sweet husband pampers his wife that it was not so hard to drink! She thought it was a Chinese medicine! Very bitter and bitter.

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Sweet husband pampers his wife. Sweet Husband Pampers His Wife 重生护娇妻

At the moment he was lying in the hospital bed, unable to open his eyes, only to listen to the dialogue outside the darkness. Past lives are also people who have blinded their trust. No, I I don't know How long does Ji Nanfeng have to be hospitalized, you This is his wife. Before they got married, she was sweet and called sweet husband pampers his wife A Feng, but he was banned on the wedding night. It was their wedding night, but he said so much, said her as something, and said the house as a house. Then, regardless of the departure, he did not know what her expression was at the time, pieluszki muślinowe 30x30 she felt that she was not as enjoyable as she thought. He didn't let her go out for only one reason, sweet husband pampers his wife. She wanted her to be out of touch with the society, wanted her to be forgotten by the world, and finally became a loner, let her suffer from loneliness. No one can think of it.

Chapter 6: Fear from the pet

Description Chapters. Can love find a second chance? Mo Lixin had three medical operations in her previous life.

Male Protagonist. Ever Ever After.

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05/Husband Caring His Pregnant Wife/Family Goals

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