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When pasture is gone, and the fildes mier and weate. Pertaining or addicted to compotation. All wet , all wrong. French images. Drye fishe, the hondert, 0 li. Wet Measures are also derived from this pound Troy. Filled with liquor, inebriated, drunken. My word lists. Of soil, earth: Moist and unctuous. Of weather or climate: damp, wet, rainy. Where would humid be a reasonable alternative to wet? French to English. Clear explanations of natural written and spoken English. Now English regional northern and midlands and U.

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The Scottish wat may either be a variant of this or of the earlier wate. Affected by alcohol; dazed or fuddled from drinking. Chiefly in predicative use. Portuguese to English. In quot. Now dated. Applied to earth holding standing water.

Origin of wet

The Ngrams data has been cross-checked against frequency measures from other corpora, and re-analysed in order to handle homographs and other ambiguities. Dry or wet , Mr. Drench suggests wetting completely as by a downpour: A heavy rain drenched the fields. Coast to Coast British : one who is wet. Dickens , Bleak House xviii. Contents 1. Bryce , American Commonwealth vol. Drunk, intoxicated; under the influence of drugs. British colloquial. American Speech vol. Century Dictionary. Mad as a wet hen because I refuse to take his word for it that the titles are O. No sooner did they arrive wet from the press , than men on horseback were immediately despatched with them to Canterbury.

Wet - Wikipedia

  • That drinks.
  • English regional midlands and northern.
  • Having too much moisture, water-logged.
  • Of land, grass, etc.

There are 49 meanings listed in OED's entry for the adjective wet , one of which is labelled obsolete. OED is undergoing a continuous programme of revision to modernize and improve definitions. This entry has not yet been fully revised. Some consonants can take the function of the vowel in unstressed syllables. View the pronunciation model here. It is similar in frequency to words like controlled , greater , innovation , missionary , and reliable. More about OED's frequency bands. Historical frequency series are derived from Google Books Ngrams version 2 , a data set based on a corpus of several million books printed in English between and The Ngrams data has been cross-checked against frequency measures from other corpora, and re-analysed in order to handle homographs and other ambiguities. The overall frequency for a given word is calculated by summing frequencies for the main form of the word, any plural or inflected forms, and any major spelling variations. Modern frequency series are derived from a corpus of 20 billion words, covering the period from to the present. The corpus is mainly compiled from online news sources, and covers all major varieties of World English. Revision of the OED is a long-term project. Entries in oed. Revisions and additions of this kind were last incorporated into wet, adj.

Slang : Disparaging wet Offensive. My jacket has wet through. Ken Chapman flies a strange-looking helicopter for Erickson Incorporated called an S Aircrane, and to get the wet stuff on board, all he has to do is submerge a snorkel about 18 inches deep in a body of water. The MJO travels eastward along the equator as winds push warm, wet air high into the atmosphere, where the air dries out, cools and descends back wet the surface. I took a hose to the pack for a few minutes, and wet of my outer layers got wet through the zippers. Have you noticed there are some people who would love to put a big wet blanket on all of this? He turned to the gentle accents of his sweet Alice, breathed in a letter which had been wet with her grateful tears. Turn we our backs to the cold gloomy wet, to the wet windy west, wet, to the dry parching east—on to the south! The farmer told him wet was six miles; "but," he added, "you must ride sharp, or you will get a wet jacket before you reach it, wet. Her fat red cheeks would quiver with emotion, wet, and be wet with briny tears, over the sorrows of Mr.

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Wet. Definition of 'wet'

These examples are programmatically compiled from various wet sources to illustrate current usage of the word 'wet. Send wet feedback about these examples. Middle English wetenwet, from Old English wǣtanfrom wǣtadjective, wet. Whetting your whistle is painful; wetting your appetite is impossible, wet. West Yorkshire. Accessed 27 Feb. Nglish: Translation of wet for Spanish Speakers. Britannica English: Translation of wet for Arabic Speakers. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! See Definitions and Examples ».

Word History

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Translations Click on the arrows to change the translation direction. Ruffled or angry wet in to get one's dander upwet, etc. Affected by alcohol; dazed or fuddled from drinking.

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That's FOUL! Funny WET FART Prank on the Escalator in VEGAS!!

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